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I work in online casino niche for 5 years already. During this time I had a lot of success with my affiliate websites in different markets. But as you know, different markets = different casinos and leads to different affiliate programs. When the number of all affiliate programs reached a few dozens, I start looking for a solution to keep track on all of them at once, that's how I found the StatsRemote. This software made my life a lot easier, by saving me a lot of time (and time is money). I have already recommended it to everyone who works in affiliate marketing. Stop wasting your time checking all your affiliate accounts, start using StatsRemote. They have the demo version, try it immediately!

Roman D. -

I’ve been using StatsRemote for about 4 years now and even as a small affiliate I find it one of the most valuable tools I use to run the business. Having live up to the hour click, signup, and earnings stats makes the accounting side of things run much more smoothly, and flagging problems is also much easier. I would recommend it to any affiliate who is promoting more than a handful of programmes.

Rob -

If you are looking for a user friendly software to help you keeping track of your numbers, look no further. We from can assure you that StatsRemote is the right choice for any affiliate, when it comes to being up to date with their statistics. The StatsRemote team have managed to create an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to save time checking the statistics of their affiliate programs. StatsRemote is a tool that makes the life of the affiliate easier

Jan -

For over 12 years we faced the task of collating our stats with trepidation. Not only was it impossible to get accurate numbers on a daily basis, it also took us hours to scour through over 300 programs at month end. A friend in the industry told us about StatsRemote, and our world change. We are now able to react quickly to what we see in our stats on a daily basis and month end has become a breeze. Highly Recommended.

Warren -

As an affiliate you know how hard it is to not check your commissions every now and then. I promise that StatsRemote will not make it easier to keep your eyes away, but it will save you a lot of time finding the information. StatsRemote is a must for every serious affiliate with more than one account to keep track on. On the Scandinavian market there are more than 80 casinos. StatsRemote give you an update of your status in a matter of seconds, and you can also follow the historical development of your account. We at do really recommend StatsRemote to anybody that wants a quick, cheap and reliable tool to keep track of their affiliate commission

Anders -

We have over 100 affiliate programs to track covering hundreds of casinos and we simply just need to know which programs convert and earn money for us. Plain and simple. We can check our stats for the year and when we find programs that have a lot of hits but no sales and no commissions then it is an easy decision to make on the spot without having to login into a hundred programs every month and knowing the historical data.

John -

StatsRemote is probably THE most user friendly tool we've employed to date. It has made our working very efficient. The reports are so easy to read and actionable - that's what we love about StatsRemote. We've used several similar services before, but none compares to this. It sorts out details that are important but were tedious to pull and use. To us, time is money and StatsRemote is really worth spending on! It's a great software for affiliates in the long term.

Bikram -

We have been working with StatsRemote for many years and as an affiliate, we are very satisfied with their software. It's very reliable and easy to use, something invaluable to the industry. Most importantly, their customer support is excellent. They are happy to help and are easy to reach for any and all inquiries. In short, we will keep working with StatsRemote and recommend them!

Oren -

As a long time affiliate I've used countless pieces of software and subscription services. However, none have proved as useful as StatsRemote. Simply put, StatsRemote is an absolutely invaluable tool that should be at the top of every serious affiliate's list of subscriptions, and the time saved by using it will cover the cost of an annual subscription in no time.

Ian -

StatsRemote is a tool any affiliate webmaster must have and is probably more important than (google) analytics. It is important to know how much traffic you get on your websites and to know where that traffic comes from. It is more important to know how much traffic you are sending to your affiliate programs and getting feedback on the number of sales and your commissions earned. StatsRemote will save you from numerous hours of accounting and make it so you don't have to log into every affiliate program just to verify your results. This program will save you time which you can use to focus on work that makes you money.

John -

For over three years we are working with the stable StatsRemote software to monitor our affiliate activities from over 50 affiliate networks world wide. The option we personally like the most is the 'yesterday' option, which we actually use every morning, to see how we are doing. It saves us at least an hour a day. Due to the company being based in Europe, we are active with many European networks / programs, and even these are covered & updated within StatsRemote. A great tool for every affiliate out there.

Jochem -

As an affiliate myself I've happily used StatsRemote for years, saving countless hours in the process which would have usually been spent crawling through each site individually. When I've had a support query I've received responses in next to no time at all, genuine help, no auto response emails. As an affiliate manager now I recommend the program to affiliates all the time, in fact we've even tied it into a promotion, it is that good. I've only ever received great feedback from other affiliates, so it can't just be me!

David Merry - Castle Affiliates

We work with over 100 affiliate programs and StatsRemote is invaluable for tracking earnings - otherwise we'd need an intern just to do all the work that StatsRemote does each day! This software is one of the most essential tools for any serious affiliate. Obviously the daily statistics are extremely helpful, as well as the ability to quickly view all changes and historical data - many times we have found problems with affiliate tracking and earnings through examining the StatsRemote data, problems that would easily have been missed if StatsRemote wasn't constantly keeping track of everything. The support team at StatsRemote are extremely helpful, keeping up to date with changes to the affiliate systems on a constant basis - their level of support is amazing and definitely worth the software's cost. For anyone considering StatsRemote, we would recommend it without hesitation as an essential part of any affiliate's success.

Leo -

Before I used StatsRemote, I did spend at least one hour per day checking the stats of the different casino affiliate programs. Now I spend no more than 10 minutes per day. A huge time save per day. If you use several affiliate programs, Stats Remote is definitely worth every cent!

Markus -

TrafficCashGold is delighted to work with and be associated with the StatsRemote program. Having personally gone through checking stats on 100s of affiliate accounts in relation to our exit consoles, I know just what a laborious and tedious task stats checking can be. StatsRemote has quickly become one of my most used programs. It is easy to setup, easy to use and also offers excellent options for customization. The logical stats interface and the ability to 'drill' straight into each individual sponsor account for any further investigation are just perfect. I simply cannot imagine not using StatsRemote now. The program really is a 'must-have'. A big "Cheers" to StatsRemote. :-)

Jim - TrafficCashGold

I could not believe I did all those stats collecting by hand for so many months. StatsRemote instantly gave me at least hours of my time back to focus promoting my networks of blogs and sites with affiliate content. What I found most amazing with StatsRemote is their huge collection of programs, and I am actually able to view all my niches, no matter what kind of topic, all together in one nifty sheet. It gives me now also a quick decision tool which affiliate programs to dump and which to keep. Thanks so much!

Semmy Stumpp -

At Casino Crush we promote literally hundreds of different casinos spread over 70 different active affiliate programs. The time taken to calculate stats alone each month was taking up a significant amount of time and I was overjoyed when I found statsremote and trialled it. After just one day, I subscribed instantly realising the benefits. Not only does it save me nearly 2 full days a month I can better spend on more productive things, I can also see at a glance all of my stats, copy them into a spreadsheet. It also gives me a very useful view of how things are performing and I can quickly take action based on what I can see. The support from statsremote for new and changed programs is very easy and the turnaround is extremely impressive. I highly recommend StatsRemote for any webmaster using affiliate programs.

Gene - Casino Crush

I have been checking stats here at TopBucks for about a year and a half now. I know how frustrating it can be to do such tedious work. I started using stats remote about two months ago and with stats remote, the time it takes me to gather stats from the numerous affiliate accounts we are associated with, has literally been cut in half. I am not only impressed with how quickly I can gather information for our earned income reports; but as many of you know, not all the supported programs have the same pay periods. Stats remote has the option of custom date ranges, which makes it possible to use stats remote with ease.

Juan - TopBucks

I have been using Stats Remote for quite a while now. I use it on a daily basis to monitor affiliate programs as well as to manage over $100,000 a month in google ad buys. I wish this tool had been available in 1996. I would have made way more money over the years.

Lars - Streamray

We have been working with StatsRemote for over 2 years now. With StatsRemote we are able to monitor the statistics of hundreds of programs, all with the simple click of a button. It’s now easier for us to track trends and watch daily stats closer without having to spend hours a day going through programs. It truly is the simplest time saving tool we have ever used.

TheDoc - EvilGeniusCash

Stats remote is an essential, time saving tool that I use every day. You get all your stats listed in one easy spot, with all the info you need in a fraction of the time it used to take. Stats remote is a quality program, with excellent support staff who are quick in adding new programs. A good value that saves time and money.

Mike - Niche Wealth

We have been lucky enough to work with the StatsRemote team as both a client and affiliate program owner. We have been using StatsRemote now for well over a year, tracking 100+ affiliate programs. StatsRemote makes measuring program performance so easy and literally saves us hundreds of hours. A big part of our decision making process when evaluating a new affiliate program now is whether their integrated with StatsRemote. When ever we've had a support issue the StatsRemote team have been very fast to respond. Even before we launched our affiliate program I knew integration with StatsRemote was a top priority. We supplied the team with the necessary details then within a week they had us up and running, too easy! StatsRemote saves us time which makes us money. StatsRemote gives us the the management tool to accurately measure the performance of programs which makes us money. StatsRemote is *the* professional affiliate webmaster tool and every program owner should get integrated because it will make you money!

David - Any Webcam

We have found a great tool in Stats Remote. As you can imagine on we deal with a lot of sponsors and it is really great to have all sponsor stats in one place and updated frequently. We even dedicated a small box to it so we always have stats on demand. The forecasts are very accurate. Thanks to Stats Remote we have a good idea how we are doing during the month and how to target our traffic and what improvements work and which ones did not.

Boldy - RemoteThumbs

I heard about Stats Remote at the first industry show I attended, the 2003 Phoenix Forum. I purchased it and started using it immediately upon my return, and I was very satisfied with how well it worked. Over the last couple of years Yankscash's rapid growth has brought many challenges and statsremote has been a vital tool in keeping us on top of the game. I use Stats Remote daily and the overview it provides me plays a role in virtually all the major decisions I make. When you couple the quality of the product with the outstanding support the team at stats remote provides you truly have a software package that is a staple to our industry.

Todd - YanksCash

We use over 140 different affiliate programs. Finding a way to consolidate them into one interface was important to be able to accurately and quickly track our sales. Stats Remote is an excellent tool to accomplish this. A very nice interface that can be set up by the user for their individual needs. StatsRemote is an essential tool for webmasters to keep track of their business.

Robbie - Amp Land

I would highly recommend this software to any person who uses even one affiliate program, AVS, or payment processor, or who advertises on even one PPC search engine. It can only save you time. I personally shaved a good fifteen to twenty minutes off of my daily work schedule. In short, if you're interested in keeping up with your profits, buy this program.

Danny C - Webmaster Joint

With more than 40 different accounts to track, StatsRemote is an invaluable tool that makes it much easier for us - from the stats at a glance to the fantastic way we can click right into a program's stats from the interface, it's one of the best small software programs we have found. I would highly recommend it to anyone sending traffic to multiple programs!


StatsRemote started saving me money from the first day I installed it. I was wasting tons of traffic that I wasn't keeping good track of. It also helped me maximize the returns on my PPC search engine expenditures. There are occasional bugs (mostly from the sponsor changing their stats reporting), but StatsRemote gets on the ball & fixes things on the first update.

Heywood Jablome - Content Store

I've decided to keep the software on because it's going to save a lot of time. The only thing I'd say is that it's like taking a stray dog in off the street: once he's curled up in front of your fire - you don't want to get rid of it. But credit where credit's due. This is a great little tool for anyone who spends a lot of time checking stats.

Tom - Tom's Newbie Booster

This is one great tool, and a must have for every serious webmaster. No more endless checking of stats (although it had something special ;-). Just one click and you know if you can afford that new car or should stick to your big brother's 8 year old bicycle.

Pierre - World Sex

StatsRemote is the BEST auto stats checking tool out there. Stats are displayed in an easy to read format and they add new programs all the time. I highly recommend giving StatsRemote a test drive and you will be hooked!

BossHawg - Hawg's Cash

Stats Remote ist eine echte Bereicherung für jeden, der mit mehreren Affiliate Programmen zusammenarbeitet. Das Checken der Statistiken, das früher mind. eine halbe Stunde am Tag gedauert hat, ist jetzt in Sekunden erledigt. Die einfache Installation und Handhabung zusammen mit dem Top Support, machen das Programm zu einem Muß. Stats Remote ist jeden Cent wert.

Patrick M. - Recurring Dollars

Merci StatsRemote!
Webmaster de mon état je dois jongler avec une bonne dizaine de sponsors. Grâce à StatsRemote je peux en un clin d'oeil consulter mes statistiques et modifier mes politiques de promotion suivant le chiffre que je fais. Plus de pertes de temps en consultation des sponsors. De plus c'est un outil prévisionnel incroyable! Autre point positif c'est la rapidité de la réaction de l'équipe de StatsRemote. Tout les problèmes qui peuvent survenir sont réglés avec une efficacité et un professionalisme qui est purement germanique. Pour moi StatsRemote est l'outil ultime pour le webmaster exigeant.

Fred - Explosif Cash

Nous utilisons une bonne trentaine de sponsors différents. Il devenait particulièrement long et difficile de checker les stats et de se souvenir des passwords et des urls des zones membres. Statremote fut la solution idéale pour notre business. J'évalue le gain de temps à 1h-2h par jour environ. Statsremote n'est pas qu'un collecteur de stats il permet également d'analyser précisément les ratios et les envois de traffic et d’être ainsi beaucoup plus réactif. C’est simple statsremote est devenu pour moi un outil aussi indispensable qu’outlook et icq!

Johan - Neo Sex Cash


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