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V4 Features
StatsRemote V4 has been completely rewritten from the bottom up. It is now based on SUN Java and so versions for Windows, Mac and Linux are now available.

The old dependencies on the Microsoft JVM and Internet Explorer have gone. You can now decide with which browser you associate your StatsRemote installation. Now, when you click a program in StatsRemote, your online stats account can also open in Firefox, Opera, Safari and others too... you decide.

Installation and Upgrade Guides: Windows - Mac - Linux

You can import all your accounts, settings and stats from StatsRemote V3 to V4.
This only takes a few minutes and there's no need to enter anything again.

New Features:

- Multi-Platform
Run StatsRemote on Windows, Mac and Linux.

- Multi-Currency
Monitor your stats in USD, EUR, GBP or other currencies.

- Multi-Browser
Login to your stats using IE, Firefox, Safari and others.

- Categories
Group specific programs together and have multiple groups.

- Payment Tracking
Track which programs have paid you and for which periods.

- Easy Import
Transfer everything from your old StatsRemote in no time.

- Mouse Scrolling
No more MSJVM, so scroll that wheel ;)

- User Account Control Support
Keep User Account Control enabled on Windows 7 and Vista.

- Improved Email Stats
Get more detailed stats by Email.

- FTP Stats
Upload your stats and access them from everywhere.

- StatsRemote On-The-Go
Install StatsRemote on your USB stick and take it with you.

- Workspaces
Handle multiple workspaces and installations.

- Improved Sorting
Sort your stats in descending or ascending order.

- Different Fonts
Change the display font and size.

- Move Columns
Move your columns around in addition to hiding them.

- Different Look&Feel's
Choose your favorite appearance.

- New graphs
More detailed and better graphs.

- Proxy Support
Connect to all stats through a proxy.

- Password Protected Reveal Feature
Check what password you entered for any program.

- Improved Adding Programs
When adding a program, start typing the full name and the
match will be found quicker.

- Better Sorting For Negative Earnings
Large negative earnings sort to the bottom but maybe you
want to see them alongside the positive ones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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How do I change the display font and size?

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How do I move my StatsRemote installation
from one computer to another?

Plus a whole host of cool techie stuff that simply makes the product easier for you to use plus easier for us to update with future new features such as new display columns, enhanced stats reading capabilities or multi-language support.

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