StatsRemote Version 4 for Windows, Mac and Linux
How do I add a program to StatsRemote?

Select 'File > New Program', choose a program from the list and enter your account details.

Go to the 'Settings' tab and change the 'Display Percentage' if needed. This feature will change the $$$ value of this program - for example - if a program displays your gross income or you have a partnership with somebody and only get a certain share.

Here you can also exclude the program from checking stats and choose the time interval. For the time interval you can either leave the default value which can be set by going to 'Tools > Options' or you can specify a custom time interval for this program.

Go to the 'Categories' tab if you want to assign this program to a category. You can choose an existing category or set up a new one for this program. More on categories can be found here: How do I setup categories (aka groups) in StatsRemote?

When your finished click 'OK' and StatsRemote will start checking the stats of this program.

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