StatsRemote Version 4 for Windows, Mac and Linux
How do I setup categories (aka groups)?

Have you ever wanted to split the programs you have already listed in StatsRemote into 2 or more groups?

Select View > Categories > Custom and in the new pop up, select Edit Categories. Note how all your currently selected programs appear in the right hand 'All Accounts' field.

Select Add then double-click over 'Enter Name Here' and replace that with the name of your first group and select [Enter] on your keyboard. Repeat this process for each additional group.

Now decide if they are already shown in the order you would like them displayed in StatsRemote. If not, select one you want to move then click 'Up' or 'Down' and repeat for the others if necessary.

Next, to populate these new groups, select the first one and its name will appear at the top of the middle field. Select the first program from the All Accounts List then use the ' < ' button to copy it over. (If you make a mistake, use the ' > ' button to move it back). When you have completed the first group, select the next one and repeat the process.

Once you have completed populating your groups, select the OK button. Now you are presented with the Display Categories window. You can choose if you want to display just some or all of your groups and you can also decide whether any other programs not allocated to a group are displayed or not. Click Display.

Now you can see the groups you have selected, displayed. But maybe you want the titles above or below, or the totals above or below, or an extra spacer line to separate the groups? Just Select Tools > Options > Display and here you can experiment to find the layout that suits you best.

So, time moves on and maybe you want to add a completely new program to StatsRemote and add it directly to one of your groups. While you are in the process of adding the program, (File > New Program) just select the Categories tab and select the Group to which you want to add your new program.

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