StatsRemote Version 4 for Windows, Mac and Linux
How do I receive my stats by Email?

Select 'Tools > Options' and go to the 'Email' tab. Here you enter your email address and - if your mail server requires authentication - your username and password. Then enter your mail server and click on 'Test'. If you entered everything correctly you will receive an email shortly, otherwise you will get an error message.

Now you can choose when and how often you want to receive the emails and what kind of stats you want to receive. There are two options:

1. Subject Only: You will receive your total stats for the current view - for example - if you have the 'Today' tab active you will receive today's stats. This option is best used if you have your email forwarded to your phone as an SMS.

2. Summary Stats: You will receive more detailed stats in the body of the Email.

When you're finished click 'OK'.

Please Note: This feature will not work with email providers like Gmail who oblige their users to use an encrypted connection (SSL)

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