StatsRemote Version 4 for Windows, Mac and Linux
Which variant of StatsRemote for Mac have I?

We currently support 2 Mac variants of StatsRemote

The legacy variant is tied to Apple Java 6. We will refer to that as MacAJ.
Its replacement is tied to Oracle Java and we will refer to that as MacOJ.

There are 3 ways for you to determine which variant you have.
(And already having the latest Oracle Java installed is NOT one of them)

1. Look at this picture. When you have StatsRemote running, which StatsRemote icon do you see top right of your Mac display?

The smaller one on the left is the correct variant, MacOJ. The larger one to its right is the legacy variant tied to Apple Java 6.

2. Have you sent us error reports from within the StatsRemote software recently? If so, look at your error report in our emailed reply. If you see 'Version : 4.3.XX (Mac)', then you are using the legacy variant. But if you see 'Version : 4.3.XX (MacOJ)', then you are using the correct variant.

3. Ask us. In StatsRemote, select Help -> Contact StatsRemote... In the subject field, simply write... 'Which Mac variant have I? Make sure you have entered your real name and email address, then press 'Send'.

OK. So I know which variant I have. What next?

If you are using MacOJ, great, but now please check you are using the latest Java as follows.

1. Please close StatsRemote.

2. Visit and verify which version of Java you have. Please update it to the latest version through the software update feature in the system menu of your Mac if necessary. You need Java 8 Update 101 or later.

3. Reboot your Mac.

4. Now start StatsRemote and hopefully all is well.

But if you are still using the legacy variant (Apple Java), please consider these 2 options as now you must move to the correct Oracle Java variant.

Option 1: Install the new variant in parallel with the legacy variant and compare the two?


Option 2: Go straight to the new variant?

If you are a confident software installer on a Mac, then Option 2 is fine.
If not, best to go with Option 1.

Once you have decided, in StatsRemote select Help -> Contact StatsRemote. In the subject field simply write 'Mac Upgrade - Option 1' or 'Mac Upgrade - Option 2'. Please make sure you have entered your real name and email address, then press 'Send'.

We will then reply with the appropriate instructions.

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