StatsRemote Version 4 for Windows, Mac and Linux
How do I move my StatsRemote installation from one computer to another?

These instructions assume you are using StatsRemote Version 4 and above.

1. Close StatsRemote on the old computer.

2. Install an empty copy of StatsRemote on the new computer.

3. Add just one program to check that your installation functions correctly.

4. Close StatsRemote on the new computer.

5. On the old computer, make a copy of the entire 'default_workspace' folder which is normally located in the 'statsremotedata' folder. The full path for this folder (or the one that you use) can be found in the Workspace field of your StatsRemote login window.

6. On the new computer, completely replace the 'default_workspace' folder with the copy made in Step 5.

7. Start StatsRemote on the new computer and check that it performs just like the installation on the old computer.

8. Once you are satisfied the new computer is working correctly, you can de-install StatsRemote from the old computer.

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