StatsRemote Version 4 for Windows, Mac and Linux
How do I use the payment tracking feature?

Checks are arriving in your mailbox, bank transfers arrive in your account, your other various funding accounts are filling up nicely but are you sure everybody has paid you?

So a check from arrives, the accompanying letter explains it's for the period 15th February - 28th February inclusive.

In StatsRemote, select the Custom tab (View > Tabs if it is hidden).
Select Tools > Select Custom Period and enter the necessary dates.
Finally, right-click and select 'Mark Period Paid' and note, a full green diamond has appeared in the 'P' column.

Take a look at the 'Account Balance' column because now it will show the total earnings not yet received from Part of that can be explained by the fact that 'Today' is only the 7th March and no new checks have been issued, but wait.. you can now view your stats history for to make sure you are always seeing a full green diamond in the 'P' column.

Select Tools > Select Custom Period again and select the entire period you have been using the up until (in this example) 28th February.

With this view, a full green diamond means you have been paid for the entire period selected. An empty green diamond alerts you to the fact that there is at least one payment missing within the chosen period.

There are other ways for marking the periods for which you have received payments...

1. Select the Last Month tab (for example).

2. Right-click the [Program Name] and select Show Details...

3. Click on the row of the first day covered by the payment.

4. Hold down the [SHIFT] button and click the final day of the period (or last day of the month).

5. The range is now highlighted, so right-click within the range and select Mark Period Paid.

As with other popular PC applications, instead of step 4, you can hold down the [CTRL] button and click on individual days in this view or maybe individual programs in a Last Month or Custom View.

Please Note: The Payment Tracking feature relies on manual entries made by you. No data is being read from your online accounts (apart from the normal $$$ data). It is very important to backup your StatsRemote installation regularly as a disk failure etc. could mean that all of your manually entered entries are lost.

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