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How can I view some of my stats on my smart phone?

We understand that during periods while you are away from your desktop/laptop StatsRemote installation, you would like the opportunity to see the stats of at least a subset of your programs in detail, for Today and Yesterday and perhaps a summary for the current month too. Well here is how. This new feature (Q3 2011) uses a part of the existing Custom Category functionality to identify which programs are to be selected, which parameters etc. and then arrange for them to be sent to your own server in a format which hopefully, is compatible with your smart phone browser.

Select Tools -> Options -> Mobile
Set Check to 'Automatically After Checking' in order to unlock the screen

Host [:Port]: Enter your server/host address
Username: Enter your server ftp username
Password: Enter your server ftp password
Remote File (including path): Enter the filename including the full path where your file will be located on your server

Time zone: There will be a timestamp present at the top of the page in your smartphone browser. This represents the time of the last stats check performed on your desktop. Choose the timezone where your desktop is located OR the timezone where you plan to view your stats on your smartphone. Whichever you prefer. If 'Daylight Savings Time' is in operation, tick the box.

Select Programs

All your programs are listed in the right column. If you want to select all of them, click the top one then hold down the SHFT button and click the last one. Now click the ' < ' button.

If you just want to select a subset, hold down the CTRL button then click on the individual programs. Now click the ' < ' button.

Keep in mind that the more programs you select, the more browser scrolling you will need to do on your smartphone.

(Note that apart from the ' > ' button, all the other buttons are greyed out as they will not be needed).

Click OK

Now select Columns

Here are the default 'column' selections. All these are indeed columns on your desktop/laptop but on your smartphone, they will appear as rows. So again, the more you select, the more scrolling you will need to do.

Click OK.

Select Summaries.

Here you can choose which stats summaries to view. Just the ones selected for viewing on your smartphone and/or all your stats on your desktop/laptop.

Click OK

Select Periods

We recommend you choose Today of course and either Yesterday or Tomorrow. Today is always PST so your choice of the other day is determined by the location where most of your stats program servers are located. It is possible to choose all 3 days but you may find the display on your smartphone is unreadable.

Click OK

Now select Test FTP...

Select Send

Depending on how many programs you have selected etc., this initial update could take up to 2 minutes. On this occasion only, extra graphical files will be updated too.

Click OK and job done.

(Did you get an error message instead?, then follow the 'Troubleshooting' tips at the bottom of this page).

You can start by checking on your desktop/laptop browser that the stats are present. Then the real test will be to check on your smartphone.

We recommend your stats are password protected on your server.

Right now, the stats format is optimised for some of the most common smartphone browsers. If you encounter a problem with the display on your phone, we will need the following information. Please send an email to support A T statsremote D O T com and include your StatsRemote username.

Please include ALL of the following.

Phone Make:
Phone Model:
Full OS Version Number:
Browser Name:
Full Browser Version Number:


1. Keep in mind that your anti-malware software and firewall settings must allow you to connect to your server using FTP.
2. Your entry in the 'Remote File' field is very important. All folders specified must already exist. StatsRemote will not create them. The actual file need not already exist but if it does, StatsRemote will overwrite it.
3. Follow these steps which should help you determine the correct parameters that you need to enter into StatsRemote.

i. For Windows users, select Start Menu then type cmd into the search field then [Enter]. Hopefully the old style black command prompt window will appear. For Mac users, a similar screen can be found by selecting... Applications > Utilities > Terminal
ii. Now type... ftp [your servername] [Enter]
iii. You will be prompted for a username so enter it now and then [Enter]
iv. You will be prompted for a password so enter it now and then [Enter]
v. Make a note of this particular u/p as this is the pairing you will use in StatsRemote.
vi. Now type... ls
You will now see a list of folders.

Hopefully you will recognise where you are in the file structure. The idea would be that in StatsRemote, for the 'Remote File (including path)' field, you would enter a full path that starts with one of the folders listed here and ends with a file name that does not exist yet.
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