Once upon a time StatsRemote.com was the go-to site for Affiliates. Why? Read below. Now we have evolved into an Affiliate MarketPlace.

Each affiliate program, advertising program or pay-per click search engine provides an area for you to check your stats.

There are some similarities between these pages, but nearly every stats area has its own unique user interface.

You usually have to login to each program’s stats area to check your current numbers.

Furthermore some programs provide statistics monthly, others weekly or bi-weekly. As a result the statistics are not directly comparable. You have to use, for example, a spreadsheet program to track and compare your stats.

StatsRemote knows the periods for its supported programs and provides you with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stats for each program.

With this software the programs’ stats are comparable. 

You can also track which programs have paid you and for which periods or enter custom income and expenses. In addition you can see your stats in your local currency. All this will help you to get a real picture of your profit.

With this software you will always see all your stats at a glance and can concentrate on your actual work thus make more money.

StatsRemote was a password protected desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux and nobody except you had access to the software and your personal login details and numbers.

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