Three Essential Web Design Skills To Survive The Future

Emerging tech like machine learning and artificial intelligence will help transform the technology landscape in the future. A new industrial revolution is underway, and it may change the way we work. Potential employees will need to secure a spot for themselves if they are to remain relevant. Web design has been identified as a potential field with a bright future since more organizations will require technology in the future. Anyone can master web design skills; all you need to do is put in effort and time. With deliberate practice and years of learning, you’ll definitely make the cut. Here are some important web design skills needed for the future:

1. Visual Design 

To be an excellent web designer, this skill is essential. In the internet age, there are a lot of resources to help you. The only thing stopping you from mastering a skill is you. A great way to start developing your visual design skill is by learning graphic design. You may need to learn about composition and layout. They will be crucial in the long run. While it may seem like drawing or sketching is outdated, you may need to sharpen these skills as well. Several established web designers use pen and paper to put down the initial ideas in sketches. It may look old school, but it is really helpful in cases like these. It is just like creating an outline in writing. It helps you to brainstorm your ideas. The best part about sketching is that you do not need electricity for it; it is cheap.

2. Coding

Many people do not believe that coding is important if they want to be better designers. Well, coding is an excellent tool that teaches you how to think. You can also learn this by studying composition and layout or other design topics. However, you may not get what you need to stand out. In design, being able to think like this is a bonus and not a requirement. Many web designers do not have any idea of atomic or modular designs, yet this does not stop them from doing their work.

Aside from systems thinking, there are other benefits of knowing how to code. Coding makes designers better at problem-solving. For instance, when you write a program, you are basically solving a problem. You must solve something or automate it, so you prepare the program to do the work for you. To effectively do this, you must know the process the program follows. To solve any problem, you need to break it down into smaller parts. To create a website, you will have to outline some steps. They usually include outlining the website structure, sketching, and wireframing, among others. Coding helps you to think critically for better decision making. If you want to learn to code for free, you can use resources like  

If you choose to add coding skills to your resume, starting the process can be confusing. For a start, try to keep it easy. Don’t try to learn PHP or Pearl. It is ideal to start with CSS and HTML. Many successful web designers got into coding through this route. After advancing a bit, you can add JavaScript. Also, there are two ways to learn JavaScript. You can begin with plain JavaScript, or you can jump to jQuery. also has some resources to help.

3. Communication and Presentation 

All designers must learn to communicate in a way that everyone including the company and the consumers can understand. This web design skill separates the best candidates from the crowd. Excellent designers know how and when to say what they need. Their words can be used to inspire others, and they have a higher approval rate. Such skilled designers also get better pays and lots of clients. Many designers are introverts, and presenting their ideas may be challenging, but this skill must be cultivated if they want to have a place at the table in the future.


Web design has been around for some time but has constantly evolved. As a crucial part of the technology industry, web designers will be in high demand in the future. However, they will need to up the ante by developing visual skills, coding, and communication and presentation skills. These skills can be developed over time with guidance from online resources and mentors if available.